Package Benefits  

We provide photos of all boxes delivered to us instantly giving you peace of mind.

Why we can compete

Our place is located in Sukawati between Denpasar and Ubud it’s most strategic places closer to any Bali sourcing with a beautiful rural atmosphere. We rent over 20 year with most valuable cost in Bali. therefore with low operate to start we can compete and offer our service with most valuable.

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Why us

Bali Virtual address ​

Wherever you buy in Bali deliver goods to your own virtual address. every customer use our services has virtual address that allow customer to deliver their goods to private storage number with local phone. this is will usefully for customer to give local address and contact person to seller to delivery purchases goods to warehouse.

Virtual Address

Incoming Photos

We will check and open content of carton from seller to take photos as bulk of every incoming packages that arrive on your storage with clear photos to ensure all items coming to warehouse is meet your expectation. We will send all files photos to cloud that you will get link to access.

Open Content

Dedicated real human manager

Imagine you have a best friend dedicated to success your business from Bali do like your self. We provide real human manager that ready to hear you by action your command such as local checking, verification. for example when you wonder transaction with online seller. we enable to check and verify the seller established or items.

Check & verify

Storage up to 60 days

Enjoy with long free warehouse private storage up to 60 days. with this feature you will not worry again how long your seller or vendor need time to create carefully goods for you by maximise quality. or if you have many supplier finish in different time now will okay. or you can make partial shipment to save your space on your home.

60 days free

Combine & Repackaging

All coming goods to warehouse we will remove all unnecessary packaging to reduce volume of your packages to save shipping cost. for example when your supplier or seller dropped items by carton or boxes we will remove and changes with most minimise packages available. this is the key how we can save your shipping fee by reduce volume. 

Save money

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