Our place is located in Sukawati between Denpasar and Ubud it’s most strategic places closer to any Bali sourcing with a beautiful rural atmosphere.

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Package Benefits  

We provide photos of all boxes delivered to us instantly giving you peace of mind.

Predictable Rates

We provide quotes upfront so you won’t get any surprises. Ship your product from Bali at a reduced rate through Express, Air Cargo or Boat.


Buying from Bali is now easier and clearer to do than ever before. We provide complete transparency throughout every part of the process.

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How it's work

Shop any Bali retailer
Send to warehouse
Check & confirm to you
Combines forward to ship

Worldwide shipping from any Bali retailer or wholesaler

We are a special forwarding service for online retailers and shoppers worldwide. We provide you with the safety, security and transparency needed to put your mind at ease every step of the way. We offer storage, instant freight quotes and shipping by Express, Air Cargo or Boat.

Get Bali virtual address

 wherever you buy in Bali deliver goods to your own virtual warehouse.

Photos of incoming packages

We take photo every incoming packages that arrive on your locker no more guessing & hidden what inside.

Dedicated real human manager

Imagine you have a best friend

dedicated to success your business from Bali do like your self.

Storage up to 60 days

No worry if your order/shopping

need time to collect even in different time.

Combine & Repackaging

We will remove all unnecessary packaging to reduce volume of your packages to lower shipping cost.

Assisted purchase

Supplier not accept PayPal, Credit card? to paid bills or safe buying security reason let us do it for you.

Quality control service Pro

We will check every items incoming to ensure everything meet your standard requirements.


Custom packaging & label

Are you selling on the big boy like Amazon, eBay need ready to sell with custom packaging under your brands.

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