Predictable shipping cost

Further reducing costs with genuinely predictable shipping cost, we offer complete rates services by express, air cargo, the ocean at once to customers.

Specialised Online Shopper

Wherever you buy online / offline from Bali island, ship with confident. We designed system to make all your purchased clearer, unhide your items to avoid unexpected happens waste your time and money.

Rate is reason 

Our rate includes some customer benefit All-in, Example: Free photos of boxes that arrive at your suite are instantly available on your account. No more guessing what boxes you received, and  much more premium feature it’s free

About us

Rates.ID is Bali forwarding company specialized services online shopper to ship goods from Bali island to any Country by providing customer needs with all-in, solid team, storage, and instant freight quotes calculator. Further reducing costs with genuinely predictable shipping cost, we offer complete rates services by express, air cargo, the ocean at once to customers.

We are a direct response to the emerging needs of today’s online worldwide shoppers, requiring fast moving, accurate data at competitive prices of immediate needs of E-commerce business. Our services enable our customers worldwide to shopping online goods from Bali retailers, wholesalers and send packages to virtual addresses in Bali for consolidation.

We pack and inspect every shipment by hand, make sure your valuable purchases are protected, remove any unnecessary packaging and consolidate your goods for maximum savings. While we provide incoming photos of content on arrival to ensuring our customer meet the expectation of goods.

Our customer support team has vast knowledge and experience over two decades in international shipping such as Air express, air cargo and ocean, package consolidation and customs paperwork. Ensuring our customers smooth and reliable service.

To that effect, we are committed to nurturing the growth of the online business from Bali to Worldwide by personalized services and cutting unnecessary fee to make goods & shipping more value, building strong and lasting partnerships and continuing to develop and improve on our service and platform.

If you have always wished that you can tap into the Bali products closer. Our personalized services are ready to tailor your needs to forward your valuable gift, clothing, antiques, jewelry, handicraft, furniture, home garden, accessories. Explore deeper with more value than before. We are here ready for you to start with simple steps. is new established 2018 as shipping agent in Bali come with fresh management and great plans to help online shopper to successfully import good from Bali. behind of Rates.ID

Who we are



Desak has over 2 decade operated shipping company in Bali.



Budi has over 10 years in bali sourcing experiences.



Nanang has over 15 years experiences in programer.


With Different Background Skill We Believe We Can Make Something Usefully For Our Client"​


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